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RV Insurance

In Illinois, all vehicles requiring license plates also require liability coverage. After contacting our team, your agent at Cusack Insurance Agency can explain RV insurance as much as you need.

What is an RV?

It's any vehicle that serves as recreational living quarters that you would also drive. They typically come in three sizes. Some attach to your vehicle, while others come with their own engine. Utility trailers used for hauling lumber or other goods do not require liability insurance, but all RV motor vehicles do.

Required Insurance

The requirements for RV coverage in Illinois match what regular drivers must have while operating their vehicles. However, the number of expenses you incur might surpass that of a standard vehicle if in an accident.

You would need a policy that matches the kind of RV you have – CLASS A, B, or C usually. Class A is the largest, Class B in the middle, and Class C the smallest. However, what matters the most is that you keep them maintained, improving your chances of insurance coverage eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements

Age and condition remain two of the main determining factors to purchase RV insurance. However, your personal driving history also matters and towing, or driving weight also makes a difference.

Before determining your RV insurance eligibility, your Oak Lawn, IL representative will ensure you don't need a CDL before determining your RV insurance eligibility. It might also be wise to find out from the Illinois DMV if you don't know. Usually, you don't need a CDL unless your unit weighs more than 16,000 pounds. It also must not have a towing capacity of more than 10,000 pounds.

Please don't buy any RV policy without fully understanding its terms—Call to speak to a Cusack Insurance Agency representative today. You can also visit in person or contact us online.

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