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Auto Insurance

While the state of Illinois requires a minimum insurance policy for auto owners, you can get more than the minimum and get coverage that is truly beneficial to you in all situations. You can acquire comprehensive, collision, and liability protection when you purchase an auto insurance policy with Cusack Insurance Agency.

Comprehensive Coverage

This policy is meant to protect your vehicle and the property within an accident that is not collision-based. If your vehicle is vandalized while parked, broken into, or even stolen, the comprehensive portion of your policy will kick in to provide financial assistance.

Collision Coverage

While auto insurance is required for all vehicles in Illinois, that does not mean that they always abide. Sometimes residents let their insurance expire and then get into an accident. Although they may have caused the damage, you need financial assistance right away to either repair or replace your vehicle. With collision insurance, your insurance company can pay for the damage now and then get their money back from the responsible party later.

Liability Coverage

The policy required for everyone is a liability, and there is a good reason. While accidents do not mean to happen, they can happen, and you could be the responsible party. You have the financial means to cover any property damage and medical expenses affiliated with the collision with liability insurance. This is critical to have to comply with state law and are not forced to pay out from your assets to cover expenses.

Get Your Policy Today

If you live in or around Oak Lawn, IL, it is time to get your auto insurance policy. Give our team at Cusack Insurance Agency a call today to get your personal policy.

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