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Motorcycle Insurance

Illinois requires that all motorists have liability coverage for their vehicles. Cusack Insurance Agency in Oak Lawn, IL can help you obtain the proper policy for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

First, you must prove that you have obtained the motorcycle license classification. This proof would show up on your driver’s license after you have completed a training course and received certification. Your license will show an “M” on it if you have an official motorcycle license.

After you have obtained your motorcycle license and have registered and plated the vehicle, you can request assistance from an Oak Lawn, IL agent. Upon signing up for the liability insurance required by the state, you can receive the necessary verification in case an officer stops you on the road.

Required Coverage

Your policy must include the minimum amount of accident property damage and injury coverage. This usually ranges from about $20,000 for the damage and $25,000-$50,000 depending on how many people are in the other vehicle. Upon receiving your policy, you will also receive an insurance card that you will carry with you when you drive.

Optional Coverages

The state doesn’t require it, but your Illinois insurance agent will probably recommend collision, comprehensive, and medical or uninsured motorist insurance. You also want to make sure you can pay for your medical treatment and damage to your motorcycle.

When it is time to purchase your insurance, you might receive incentives for safety. For example, a clean accident record and proper protective gear (ex: helmet and goggles) could lower your premium. Did you also take a safety course? If so, that might influence what you would pay come time to sign up for insurance.

Call Cusack Insurance Company, serving Oak Lawn, IL, to learn more about required and optional insurance coverages.

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