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Renters Insurance in Illinois

As a renter in Illinois, your personal property isn't protected by your landlord's building insurance policy. Renters insurance helps protect your assets and valuables against loss and provides assistance such as covering the cost of temporary lodgings. At Cusack Insurance Agency in Oak Lawn, IL, we can help you get a renters insurance policy that enables you to recover after a burglary, fire, flood, or any other covered calamity. Here's what you need to know:

Illinois Laws Regarding Renters Insurance

There are no laws in Illinois requiring renters to get insurance, although a landlord or management company can require a renter to carry a policy as a part of their lease. Building owners are required to maintain an insurance policy that covers the structure of the building in case of a calamity such as a fire or building damage. However, that policy only covers the roof, walls, and related structures, not a renter's possessions.

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

The cost of a renters insurance policy varies depending on where you live. How much you pay for an apartment policy is different from what you would pay for a policy in Chicago.

What You Should Look for in a Renters Insurance Policy

A typical renters insurance policy covers items that include:

  • Personal property
  • Liability
  • Additional living expenses

You may have assets or items that aren't typically covered by a renters insurance policy, but it may be possible to get those items insured. Our agents at Cusack Insurance Agency in Oak Lawn, IL are here to help with getting you covered.

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Give us a call today to find out more about getting a renters insurance policy to protect your belongings. We can find a policy that meets your needs and give you the coverage you need to survive a disaster.

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