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Condo Insurance

If you are a condo owner in or around Oak Lawn, IL, you may already pay into one insurance policy associated with your condo. This master HOA insurance policy is meant to protect the community areas and shared structures between condo owners. However, anything damaged within your condo and not associated with another property is ultimately your responsibility and not covered by this policy. It would be best to get a personal condo insurance policy from Cusack Insurance Agency.

Property Protection

Your personal property such as the following are covered in your condo insurance policy:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Paintings

When you get your policy, you should have these listed so that your policy will cover them if they are destroyed. With property protection, any damage caused by accident can give you the financial freedom to replace your items.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your condo is victim to vandalism and theft, the property inside and any independent structure damage is not covered by your master policy. This is where your personal property will assist you with the financial freedom to renovate the condo where necessary and replace your property.

Liability Protection

This is a significant component of your condo insurance and is used most often in independent condo insurance policies. While there is a liability clause in your Master HOA insurance policy for any guests you have over in community areas, you are responsible once they are in your condo. Being a pet owner, you need this coverage if your pet is not comfortable around your guests and biting them. You will have the coverage you need for any medical expenses and other damages.

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If you own an Illinois condo, you need to contact our team at Cusack Insurance Agency in Oak Lawn, IL today for more information on your personal policy.

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