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Four Steps for Documenting Personal Items for Home Insurance

If you have homeowner’s insurance, could you back up a claim for the items in your house? Do you have proof that you own your TV, the clothes in your closet, that antique necklace?

An inventory of your personal items is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Cusack Insurance Agency, serving Oak Lawn, IL, can help with any questions you may have about this process. 

Here are four steps to success: 

1. Capture Images                                                            

Start with a video or pictures.  Record room by room, sweeping the camera slowly over all the walls, all the contents, and inside closets and drawers. Talk while you’re recording, describing things.  

If you decide on pictures instead, take at least four pictures of every room, plus the contents of closets and cabinets. Keep photos in order so it’s clear what items are in which room.   

2. Hang Onto the Details     

Keep all your receipts and big item information in one place. You’ll need makes, models, and serial numbers to replace appliances and electronics. You’ll need appraisals if you have expensive jewelry or collectibles.

3. Make the List

You also need a list of everything you own, whether you go old-school with pen and paper, make a spreadsheet, or use an app like Nest Egg or Sortly.

Fortunately, less expensive items, like hardcover books, pants, or shoes can be grouped. Record what the insurance company needs to prove you owned it, and what you need to be able to replace it.

4. Keep it Safe

Once you have your images, your list, and your backup documents like receipts, keep them together in a safe deposit box. If it’s all digital, back it up in the cloud. If it’s physical, keep copies of the property.

Sending a copy to your insurance agent is also a great idea. At Cusack Insurance Agency serving Oak Lawn, IL, we can double-check if you have enough coverage for all your personal property.

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