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Home insurance FAQs

If you’re new to home insurance you may have a lot of questions. Even if you aren’t new to home insurance, you may not really understand what types of coverage home insurance provides and whether or not you are required to have it. Having an independent insurance agent who you trust can make the whole home insurance process a lot easier. In Oak Lawn, IL, Cusack Insurance Agency is here to help you to get to understand what coverage you have and need on your home. 

Am I required to have home insurance?

The state of Illinois does not require that you have home insurance. However, your lender will. If you have a mortgage, you will need to carry home insurance. The lender will tell you the amount of coverage you need to have. 

Why should I have home insurance if I don’t have a mortgage?

Home insurance offers several different types of protection. It covers the physical building itself and any outbuildings on your property. It covers your content, your personal property, whether it is at home or when it is away from home with you. Home insurance provides liability protection in the event you are sued or if someone is injured while visiting your home. If your home is damaged, your loss of use insurance will help you to pay for a place to stay until you can return home. 

Does home insurance cover flooding?

If the flooding is the result of a burst pipe in your home, yes it will. If the flood is caused by surface water, no it won’t.  You need to have a dedicated flood insurance policy. 

f you live in Oak Lawn, ILCusack Insurance Agency is here to provide the information and the home insurance that you need. Stop in or give us a call. 

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